Marcola´s Interview to the Brazilian Newspaper O Globo


Josino Moraes
Latin America Economic Researcher

Notes: Marcola is the first nationwide criminal leader of note in Brazil. Perhaps, the
most important in Latin America.
PCC stands for Primeiro Comando da Capital – First Command of Capital.  Here, capital
means the city of Sâo Paulo.
CV stands for Comando Vermelho - Red Command.

1.Are you from the PCC?

More than that. I am a sign of new times. I was poor and invisible… During decades
you never looked at me… And formerly it was easy to solve the problem of poorness.
The diagnosis was “obvious”: rural migration, unevenness of income, a few slums
(favelas), thinning peripheries ... It is the solution that was never coming. What did
they do? Nothing at all. Did the federal government sometime allocate an allowance for
us?  We have just appeared in the news during humble up downs on the hill or on
romantic songs about the “beauty of the hills at dawn”…. those things . Now, we are
rich because of the multinational drug corporation. And you are very, very afraid. We
are the late beginning of your social conscience. Got it? I am cultured. I read Dante in
the jail.

2- But… the solution would be

Solution?....There´s no solution at all, buddy. The idea itself of solution is already a
mistake. Have you ever looked at the size of the 560 slums in Rio de Janeiro? Have you
ever flown in helicopter over the periphery of São Paulo? What solution? The solution
would only come up with many billion dollars spent with a high-level ruler, an immense
political will, economic growth, revolution in the education, general urbanization... and
should everything  be almost under the baton of an enlighten tyranny, that should
jump over the secular bureaucratic paralysis, which was passing over the accomplice
legislative (or you think that 287 leeches are going to act? If they let it be, they are
going to steal up even the PCC....) and even the court, which obstructs punishments.
There would have to be a radical reform of the penal process of the country, there
would have to be communication and intelligence between municipal, state, and federal
police officers (we do conference calls among prisons ...). And all that would cost some
billion dollars and would implicate on a deep psychosocial change on the political
structure of the country. In other words: it is impossible. There is no solution.

3- Are you afraid of dying?

It is you who are afraid of dying, not me. As a matter of fact, here in jail you cannot
come in and kill me ... but I can order to kill you out there.... We are human bombs. In
the slum there are a hundred thousand human bombs... We are in the centre of the
insoluble itself, really... You are the good and I am the evil and, in between, the
frontier of death, the only frontier. We are already another species; we are already
other animals different from you. Death for you is a Christian drama on a bed, a heart
attack... Death for us is the daily meat laid down in a ditch... Didn’t you intellectuals
used to talk about class struggle, about "be marginal (from law), be hero"? So it is; we
arrived, here we are! He, he... You’ve never expected for these new warriors of cocaine,
have you?

I am intelligent. I read. I read 3.000 books and I read Dante ... but my soldiers are all
strange anomalies of the twisted development of this country. There is no more
proletariat or unhappy ones, neither exploited ones. There is a third kind growing up
outside, cultivated in the mud, educating on the absolute illiteracy, graduating in the
jails, like a monster Alien hidden in the cracks of the city. A new language has already
grown up. - Don't you hear the wiretaps made "with the permission of the Justice"?
Maybe so. It is another language. We are facing a kind of post-misery. That's it. The
post-misery generates a new culture of killing, aided by modern technology, satellites,
cellular phones, internet, modern weapons. It is the shit with chips, with megabytes.
My commanded ones are a mutation of the social being; they are funguses of a great
dirty mistake.

4- What changed at the periphery of town?

Money. Nowadays, we have it. Do you think that someone with US$ 40 million like
Beira-Mar is not in charge? With 40 million the prison is a hotel, an office... Which
police officer would go to burn up such a gold mine, got it? We are a modern rich
corporation. If an official hesitates, he is fired and thrown out in the "microwave" ...
he, he...
You´re the broken state, managed by incompetents. We have fast methods of
management. You´re slow and bureaucratic. We fight in our territory. You fight in a
strange field. We don´t fear the death. You are quite scared. We´re well armed. You
combat with blunderbuss. We are in the attack. You, in the defense. You have mania
for humanism. We are cruel, merciless. You transform us into superstars of  crime. We
see you as clowns. We´re helped by the people of slums, by fear or love. You´re
hated. You´re regional, provincial. Our guns and products come from outside the
country, we are global. We don´t forget you. You´re our customers. You forget us as
soon as the outbreak of violence passes.

5- But, what should we do?

I’ll give you a tip, even against myself. Catch the barons of cocaine! They have
congressmen, senators, generals, they even have an ex-president of Paraguay in the
business of cocaine and arms. But who is going to do that? The army? It has no
money. It has no money even for feeding their recruits...
The country is broken, financing a failed State at interests of 20% a year, and Lula is
still increasing the public expenses, employing 40,000 swindlers. Is the army going to
fight against the PCC and the CV? I´m reading Klausewitz - On the War. There´s no
prospect of success. We are devouring ants hidden in the breaches. We even have
antitank rockets! Perhaps, we´ll get some stingers. To destroy us you would have to
launch an atomic bomb over the slums. As a matter of fact, we´re able to get one of
these “dirty bombs”? What you say? A radioactive Ipanema? (Ipanema, in Rio de
Janeiro, is the most famous beach in Brazil).

6- But, there will be no solution?

You will only get some success if you stop defending “normality”. There isn’t any
normality at all. You have to recognize your own incompetence. But I´ll be frank: we´re
all in the center of the insoluble. The difference is that we live from it, while you… have
no way out, just the shit. And, we are already living off it. Look at me, pal! There´s no
solution! Do you know why? Because you don´t even understand the extension of the
problem. As divine Dante wrote : "Lasciate ogna speranza, voi che entrate!" (Lose all
your hopes, you who enter here. We are all in hell).

Final Notes:
•        Data from São Paulo City Hall indicate 1,565 slums in 2007 (Folha de São Paulo  
– 7/14/2008 – C3), 3 times, thus, the number said by Marcola !
•        The 287 leeches to whom Marcola refers, I presume that they are from Brazilian
National Congress so his data is very, very underestimated.